We urge people to imagine | impel people to believe | inspire people to act | dare people to succeed

We encourage people to think differently, speak persuasively & lead transformationally.

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Meet Celeste

From birth in an ambulance in the midst of a tornado through today, Celeste stirs things up with energy and daring people to “think possible” everywhere she goes.  As a …


Our Vision & Values

Our vision is rooted in a commitment to influence a meaningful shift in the leadership landscape of our country and our world.  We do this by providing inspiration, encouragement, strategies …


Our Service Spectrum

  Our goal is to help you, your organization and employees get focused, update their skills and be equipped to adapt and handle any transformations or demands.  We can design …

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Upcoming Events, Webinars, & Bootcamps

Transformational Leadership Bootcamp Spring 2016
Influence / Leadership / Transformation
D.A.R.E. to Succeed Success Essentials Bootcamp
Discipline / Engagement / Focus / Success
D.A.R.E. to Get Fit for Success / Option: D.A.R.E. to Get Fit for Christ
Fitness / Health / Nutrition / Service

Transformational Leadership Bootcamp 2016

There is no time better than NOW to sharpen your saw.