Operation Clean Slate: It’s not too late to Be FREE-Step 3

Step one in this process was to determine what needs to happen in your life to have a clean slate and write it down.  Step two was to group and prioritize your list to facilitate your execution.  Today, step three is to determine the specifics in your recommended resolution.  What specifically do you need to do to make things right?  What do you need to say?  Who do you need to reach out to?  When can you do it?  What projects need to be completed?  What do you need to sacrifice in order to close the loop on some things? Flush out the details on what needs to happen to clear the deck, close the gap, or whatever other analogy you’d like to use.  The bottom line is to be as thorough as possible in your thinking so indeed when you’re done you can truly walk away with a clean slate!

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