Operation Clean Slate: It’s not too late to Be Free – Step Five: Follow Through!

Step Five in Operation Clean Slate is to Follow-through.  First pray to God to reveal anything you may have overlooked or forgotten.  Then pray for the strength, courage, and fortitude to follow through with each revelation and situation.  This whole process is so liberating.  I have found that when you come clean on a matter that perhaps you messed up or simply is messed up, most people are generous and forgiving.  There are some that are hardened and resistant but overall by far, people tend to appreciate your willingness to face them, deal with the matter, and are willing to work things through.  This is also usually true with companies or organizations you need a clean slate with.  Whichever the circumstance, commit to following through on this process so indeed you can BE FREE!

2012 is the year for Breaking Free and Breaking Through!  Now IS the time to act!

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