A recent article in Black Enterprise ( 5 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Grow Your Business in 2012) began this way, “I love this time of year.  It represents a fresh start.  It gives people and businesses a symbolic moment in time to assess what worked well last year, what didn’t and wipe the slate clean and start all over.”  The first part of the subtitle also caught my attention, (New business success starts with improvements in YOU.) This is so true, from a business perspective and a personal perspective as well.  Growth and optimal success in your life begins with taking time to assess what has worked well and what may need to change going forward.  I recently completed a comprehensive guided workbook titled Transformations By Design that has been a true blessing to “me,” as I worked through my own material to create a strategic plan of action for 2012.  I know first hand how asking some powerful, life defining questions can be not only refreshing but also invigorating.

There are 8 steps in the process that prepares you to assemble an awesome strategic plan of action.  The steps include: review, release, remember, reassess, redesign (my favorite), refortify, retool, and reconnect.  You then extract from your answers, revelations and celebrations to shape and design your next 12 months and beyond.

Certainly, you’re invited to experience what I experienced with my book.  The time and money you’d invest would be well worth it.  And yes, there are many other books and approaches availalbe for you with similar objectives.  My charge to you today is to use one of them!!  And as Socrates said, an unexamined life is not worth living.  Knowing something is not enough, you need to act on it.

To get more information on my book or to download a copy — go to www.celestejonson.com, email me at celestjonson@mac.com or give me a call (312.841.0400)  Don’t delay!  Now is the time to act!!

Decide to Break Free, Break Out, and Break Through this Year!!!

By the way, the 5 questions in the article were: 1. Are you well?; 2. Do you have strong relationships; 3. Do you have the skills needed to succeed?  4. Are you 100% committed; and 5. Do you execute?