Do you have a plan for Breakthrough Success?

I love the fundamental message Janet Jackson shares on the Nutrisystem commercial promoting their “SUCCESS” system.  She says, “You can’t wish for it, hope for it, or dream for it…you have to have a plan and then you need to get on it!”  That is true of any sort of success you seek.  Do you have a plan for your success this year?  Are you prepared to break free from old bad habits you have?  Are you equipped to break out of past ruts and limitations?  Have you designed the life you really want to live?  You know you have the power to do all of that BUT you have to have a plan.  I encourage you to decide NOW, today to do something about it if you don’t have one.

Check out this message I found online defining Success.  Defining success is a critical step to devising a success plan.  I don’t know the author but whoever you are, thanks…great work!

Success: It’s the courage and confidence to begin.  It’s the passion and persistence to continue.  Its the talent and tenacity to finish despite the odds.  It’s the roads you choose…the lives you touch…the mountains you climb…the lessons you learn…and the example you set.  It’s all these things and more.  At the end, however, its’ really not about what you’ve done but about who you’ve become.  How do you define success?  Leave me your definition in the comments section.

Success Plan Tip:  Begin by reviewing the past year both successes and missteps.  What did you learn in each situation?  What would you like to carry forward?  What should you release?

If you need help devising a breakthrough plan for optimal success this year, let me know–I can help!  Visit for more information.