Today is the day to begin…again!

Today is the best day to begin…again, moving toward your vision for the year.  Actually it is the only day you have.  Take the lessons learned from yesterday, letting go of anything that wasn’t wonderful.  Expect and anticipate great and exciting outcomes tomorrow, understanding no tomorrows are promised.  Living and acting in the moment is where you find joy, fulfillment, excitement, satisfaction, and the stuff a full life is made of.  Seize the moment…tell your loved ones you love them, communicate appreciation to your co-workers, do something to express your love of yourself and take action on something that will make a difference in the world beyond you.  I love the old quote that says, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift of God which is why it is called the present.”  Yes, today is the day to begin…again!  Do something!! / / 312.841.0400