It’s Not Over Until You Win!! Part 1

“When current results are different than what I thought when I began, I must not quit but keep repeating, ‘It’s not over until I win!'”

That is the first line of my famous poem titled “It’s Not Over Until Win” featured in my book D.A.R.E. to Succeed.  It speaks to the reality that the results we experience in any given situation are not always exactly what we expected.  We can visualize, plan, and execute perfectly and still experience some “different” things.  They call that life.  What we must do in those situations is to call on our flexibility and in some cases our sense of humor.  We should also consider that the results we did get could actually be better than what we were planning for and anticipating.  In either case, I dare say, (excuse the pun), keep pressing forward.  Keep repeating the phrase, “It’s not over until I win!” until you indeed win!