It’s time for mid-term examinations!

“Like sands through the hour glass…so are the Days of our Lives!”  Do you remember that from the start of the daytime soap opera of that name?  It’s a great line and is also true.

Five months have passed this year already!!  Oh my!!  We are just days away from beginning the second half of the year.  Where are you with your plans for the year?  Are you on track and on point to fulfill your “New Year’s” vision?  Are you ahead of schedule…or could you be behind?

I must admit I have a ways to go to achieve the BIG vision I have for the year and I’m rolling up my sleeves in the coming weeks to make sure I’m clear, focused and ready to blow out the second half.  I fully expect to experience the sweet taste of victory come December 31st.  I invite you to join me.  If you need any assistance whatsoever, i.e. completing your plan, being encouraged, having an accountability partner, etc. reach out to me…I’m seriously committed to taking as many people with me as possible as I jog along the path and sprint across the finish line.  Simply leave a note or give me a call at 312.841.0400.  Either way always remember, you already have what it takes to achieve anything you put your mind to and your actions behind!  To your success!!