Prayer for the Day – Speechless!

My Daily Prayer: Speechless

Father God I come this morning with the word “speechless” in my heart and on my lips.  It is indeed how you leave me each time I simply take the time to think of how much you obviously love me.  You have blessed me to see another day…to be able to get up, move, think, breathe, talk, see, touch, love…  You have provided me with a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear, the ability to read and write, a computer to “chat” on, the desire to love… You have given me the strength and intellect to create, plan, execute, praise, worship, love…

You knew that if we just took the time to think about it we would know — really know how much you love us…thus you directed us to honor a sabbath day each week…a specific and dedicated time to rest and reflect.

You knew that we would sometimes — often times — get off track and stray away from your teaching…thus you provided for and graciously offer mercy.

You knew with the power you gave us we would too often get drunk with it, begin thinking it is about us, lose focus on what’s really important, take liberties beyond the scope of respect and concern for our neighbors and reverence for you…that’s when amazing grace and forgiveness kicks in.

When I think of your goodness and all you’ve done for me, how you’ve protected me and held back then night…I do indeed want to dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance all night (as a “happy” church would chant).

What words could I use to describe you?  What phrase sums up your majesty and magnificence?  What expression could I use to let you know how much I appreciate you?  I’m speechless.  Yes, as Anita Wilson says, “Lord you leave me speechless.”  Listen to how she puts it in song…