Happy Father’s Day God!

First, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers who may read this post. Thank you for all you’ve done and will do for your children…the sacrifices and the love. Today is set aside especially to honor you…

I think it’s important however, to be sensitive to the fact that Father’s Day may not be so happy and celebratory for some. Some may feel a sadness because their loving father is no longer here to embrace and enjoy. Others, however may be feeling a pain or emptiness from the void of not knowing their father, or knowing them but not having a good relationship or any with them, or having been abused by them, or any number of non-“Cleaver”-like experiences… To that group, of which I am one, I say we must remember that despite our earthly reality, there is another much greater gift of fatherhood that is also a reality.

We are all loved by the most amazing, exceptional, loving and PERFECT FATHER of all time–God! He consistently shows us His love and is always there and has promised to never leave us. He made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us so we can talk with Him at any time we want. He continuously grants us favor and “life” even when we totally ignore Him for exceptionally long periods of time. Some of us never acknowledge him. Well today is a great day to specifically wish our heavenly Father a Happy Father’s Day! No need to send a card, just take a few minutes to devote your attention exclusively on Him. I’m sure He will smile with pleasure.

Happy Father’s Day Father God! I love you!!