Operation Clean Slate – It’s not too late!!


With 25 days left in this year it’s not too late to get a clean slate…but you need to act now!  What do I mean by a clean slate?  The specific answer lies in you, but big picture it means cleaning up old “stuff” in your life, things perhaps that didn’t go so well that you need to release, people to forgive, people to ask forgiveness of, debts you need to pay, etc. Just imagine the weight of those situations being lifted. No more dodging or feeling uncomfortable around anyone–the air is clear. No more answering the phone and telling the caller, “she’s not in right now.” No more justifying and/or denying. Just a clean slate.

The next few posts will provide a step-by-step process to get a clean slate in your life  and Be FREE! I’ll post one step a day for the next 10 days. Take a step or two each day to be well on your way to a Fresh Start in 2014. No more delays, let’s get started. Here’s step #1:

Step One: Determine what needs to happen in your life for you to have a clean slate. Write it down. As questioned in the opening, are there people you need to forgive and or ask for forgiveness from? What debts (financial or otherwise) do you have to repay. What fences need mending? What must be cleared up to have a clean slate?  The first step to achieving anything worth achieving is to become clear of the desired outcome. Writing it all down facilitates that process.  So get that pen and paper out and get to writing…  Check back tomorrow for step two.  Consider inviting a friend to go on this journey with you.

Always remember, the clearer you are of anything, the increased likelihood you will achieve it.