Operation Clean Slate – Step 2 / 2013


Our last post began a 10-step process to close the loops, resolve hanging issues, and clean the slate for the coming new year.  There is nothing like a fresh start with exciting new adventures ahead to experience without the debilitating weight of old baggage from months and years gone by.  Step one was to determine what needs to happen in your life to declare it a clean slate.  With that list in hand it’s time for step two.

Step Two: Prioritize your list based on the easiest to do, the quickest to do, and the most important to do.  It would also be helpful to group like actions together i.e. if you need to send a note or call several people, you could group those names together and potentially do all of the writing or calling at one time.  Create an actual list that you can hang on your wall or put in your datebook.  Scratch off the things on your list as you complete them.  This will serve to inspire you to press on until all of the items on your list are “cleaned off.”  Get moving…do it now!

Be sure to check back for step three…

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