Making the Connection: Women, Sport & Leadership

In preparation for a closing keynote I’m presenting at the 2016 Possible Woman Conference in Atlanta I did some research on the women leadership and winning athlete connection. With the conference theme being “Dare to Win” and the release of my recently revised book D.A.R.E. to Succeed, No More Excuses it’s Time to Win, digging in more in this area seemed logical.

Actually, my research began seeking out the accurate story of Michael Jordon’s insistence on focusing on the fundamentals. With this being a women’s conference I thought, how about finding some input from women on the subject. Hence, I began this journey and discovered a well researched connection between women athletes and successful women. In the research I came across this video snippet of a conversation among athletes discussing lessons learned in their perspective sports and their value in business. Check it out:

Here are links to several recent articles sharing results from recent studies to support this very real connection between successful women and sports as well as some additional tools and tips that at minimum you might find interested but more so I include them to provide insight on where you might tweak, hone or simply develop.

Fast Company: Why Former Women Athletes Are More Engaged In Their Jobs
These unique skills make former athletes great hires.

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Forbes: 3 Career (And Life) Lessons Learned From Female Olympians