I Am a Possible Woman Who Dares to Win!

images-15Following is a poem I wrote as I was preparing to speak to a fantastic group of women at the Possible Woman Conference in downtown Atlanta. I was trying to clarify my thoughts and feelings about who they were, and are, as a group as well as recognize their potential and what would be possible if we banded together toward a common purpose. I’m very excited to share my vision with them…and all who can see it. Here is the poem as it came out: (Note that the theme for the conference was “Dare to Win!”

I am a Possible Woman Who Dares to Win!
by Celeste Jonson

I am a possible woman.
My life is important.
I am charged to raise the bar in my world.
I am committed to making a difference in our world.

Women are historically the change agents for better and greater possibilities.
…Women who first believed something better was possible.
…Women who seized the moments of their circumstances
…Women who despite the odds and in spite of the naysayers decided to step up, and lead.
Ask…Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher, Eleanor Roosevelt, Madam C.J. Walker, Oprah Winfrey, or Malala to name a few.
They chose to win.
They dared to win.
They were women who believed it was possible—“possible women” who dared to win!

As women, we nurture the hearts of our children.
We have the power to influence the minds of those around us.
We have the opportunity and I dare say the responsibility to change the trajectory of
our communities, our country…and yes, even our world.
We actually have an obligation to be great.

Right here and now I choose to use everything that I have to make a difference in our world.
To make it matter that I even existed.  To honor my Father, our Father.
My vision…is possible.
My dream…is possible.
Winning and winning big as I define it…is possible.
Yes, I dare to dream, even the impossible dream.
I choose to believe. I DARE to Win!!
…for I AM a Possible Woman
Are you?

Well are you a possible woman…someone who knows she has influencing power and a charge to use it to better our world.  What do you think?  PLEASE, leave your comment below.  I’d love to hear from you.