HOW TO BE BETTER (Article): 10 Ways to Become Better at Your Job (Forbes)

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Why Coaching?

Recently it was reported that 80% of the Fortune 500 companies provide coaching services to multiple levels of their management teams. These companies report increased sales, increased profits, growth in market share and increased executive satisfaction when professional coaches are used. (The Conference Board:Survey of Executive Coaching Fees 2010)  According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 60% of corporate executive’s of Fortune 500 companies themselves work with a professional coach. (The Value of Professional Business Coaching-

Why coaching?  Because it works!

All of us need a support system — a wise encourager, a competent consultant, an objective voice or “mirror” — to help us hear what we are saying, see what we are doing, understand what we are feeling, to hold us accountable to what we say we want to change, and to initially validate us as we grow.  That’s coaching!

The bottom line is we help executives, leaders, managers, and employees clarify success and attain optimum performance and results.

Why Coaching with Celeste 

The attached brochure will provide you with more details but following are three great reasons working with Celeste is a fabulous one.

We bring experience…many years of leadership, management and training experience to our valued clientele.

We listen…to what’s being said, what is not being said, and clarify any inconsistencies.

We believe…in the vast extent of an individual’s potential.  That belief and faith provides the framework for every exchange and expectation.

We inspire…consistently and energetically we communicate our hope-filled enthusiasm for their commitment to excel, and provide honest and caring feedback, fresh insight and recommendations, and propelling words of encouragement.

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