Inspiring. Refreshing. Challenging and Fun!  These terms are descriptive of the keynote and training experiences we orchestrate.  Further, each topic contributes to moving you closer to optimal success personally and professionally.  Note that the content is tailored to fit the allotted time frame and to best address your unique needs.  More specifically we paint the picture of what is possible then encourage you to take steps, often outside of your comfort zone, toward greater success and fulfillment. We challenge you and then support you through the change.  So whether you are in a leadership role, part a team or simply crafting your ideal life, the content in the Daring Success Essentials and Transitions & Transformations sessions will equip you to soar.



  • DARE To Succeed: No More Excuses.  It’s Time to Win!
  • DARE To Think Differently: Learn to Master Your Mind and Success Will Follow…Effortlessly
  • DARE to Engage: People Principles & Practices that Propel Performance


Leader-Style (Transformational / Servant Leadership)

  • DARE to Change: Strategies to Navigate Transitions & Transformations Masterfully
  • DARE to Influence Team Dynamics: Inspire People, Foster Cooperation & Achieve Results that Matter
  • DARE to Persuade: How to Speak and Present Confidently & Persuasively with Anyone, Anywhere

Life-Style (The Transition Project)

  • Operation Clean Slate: Choose to Close Open Loops & Relish a Fresh Start
  • Blueprint4Life: Redefine, Redesign, & Reboot Your Life Intentionally
  • DARE to Get Fit to Succeed: The Healthy Lifestyle / Success Connection

DARE Defined: To have the necessary courage for something…the boldness to try. To challenge or provoke (a person) into a demonstration of courage.  We love to dare people to…Decide And Relentlessly Engage to…Change, to Think Differently, Speak Persuasively, Lead Transformationally, Get Fit, Succeed and more… Up for it?  We dare you to say yes!

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